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The customer shall notify Superior Fabrication of a warranty claim within 30 days of its discovery. Notification shall be in writing or via e-mail and shall include the serial number, date product was delivered to the end user, hours of operation, detailed description of the problem and the application in which the product was being used.


The customer may request authorization from the Superior Fabrication Quality Manager to return the product for evaluation and/or repair. If authorization to return the product is granted, the Superior Fabrication Quality Manager will assign a return authorization number along with shipping instructions. No returns will be accepted without authorization from the Superior Fabrication Quality Manager. Superior Fabrication and the customer may mutually agree to allow the customer to make the repairs in the field. In this case, the customer will submit to Superior Fabrication detailed information as to what the costs of repair will be and Superior Fabrication will consider reimbursement. The Superior Fabrication Quality Manager will decide whether to accept or deny the warranty claim within 30 days of receiving all requested information and documentation from the customer.


The warranty period will expire on the earlier to occur of: (a) six months from the date the unit was put into service, (b) 1000 hours of operation or (c) 12 months after shipment from Superior Fabrication. If the warranty claim is approved, Superior Fabrication will pay or reimburse for freight expenses (from Superior Fabrication approved shipping methods) and customer incurred labor (prior Superior Fabrication approval required) at a maximum rate of $75.00 per hour and Superior Fabrication will supply replacement parts as required and approved. 




Jason Long

Quality Manager